How green are you?

August 18, 2014
When it comes to living an environmentally friendly life, there seems to be three categories of people in the Inner West: the environmental extremists, the extremely careless carbon-munching consumerist and those who fall somewhere in […]

Woman up!

July 7, 2014
Yoga, pilates, yogalates – we’ve done it all before. For those of you who are tired of deep breathing in downward dog pose and are ready for a tough new challenge, check out the show […]

Life on the field

June 23, 2014
From growing up in Croydon Park and playing for Enfield Rovers Soccer Club to his current home in Dubai as member of UAE professional team Al-Nasr, Brett Holman’s life has been shaped by his love […]

How to go from local hero to global star

June 11, 2014
Australia accounts for only 2.5 per cent to the world’s high-tech exports compared to Switzerland’s 20.8 per cent. We have no excuses to be 10 times less proactive. Hell, even little Denmark is five times […]

Meet the local literati

May 12, 2014
Wordsmiths from all over the world and all walks of life will soon be uniting for the 2014 Sydney Writers’ Festival (May 19th-25th). This year the festival will explore writing that challenges our concepts of […]

The Inner West’s mother hen

April 28, 2014
Tanya Plibersek didn’t grow up in the Inner West (believe it or not, she’s a Shire girl) but for the past 16 years the well-loved Member for Sydney has been taking a motherly concern, where […]

Get your skates on

February 14, 2014
For a sport where balance and strength are essential to victory, roller derby has certainly had an unsteady history. These days though, its popularity only seems to be growing, particularly among the ladies. In the […]

A groovy kind of love

February 4, 2014
Meet singer Sarah Bedak and drummer Nenad Radic Rroma. This passionate, strong-willed and musical pair are married to their band – and now to each other. Like all good love stories, serendipity played a part […]

Pop in to a pop-up

December 2, 2013
Can pop-up shops liven up Leichhardt, the same way they revived Newcastle’s worn out CBD? Shallowness. Short attention spans. Exploding credit card debts. Excessive focus on instant gratification. These are all characteristics that consumer trend […]

Inner West Parents: A Subculture Guide

October 6, 2013
So you are a parent and you live in the Inner West? Well, congratulations! You have made two great choices – firstly, to extend the human race, and secondly, to raise your progeny in the […]
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