Chiropractic care for pregnancy

Dr Kelly Burns (pictured) from Chiropractor Health Space Rozelle specialises in pregnancy care and shares some of the benefits of chiropractic treatment for mums-to-be…

Contrary to what many of you may think, chiropractic is completely safe throughout pregnancy. There are specific techniques that are beneficial for the changing pregnant body and all are modified to suit different bodies at the different stages of pregnancy. The Webster Technique, for example, is a special pregnancy technique that focuses on the pelvic ligaments and their attachments from the uterus over to the sacrum. It keeps your pelvis in good wing, as any imbalance in the pelvis also twists the ligaments that hold the uterus in place.

The Gentle Blocking Technique and gentle pressure also assists to release ligaments so that there is more room for your baby to grow and less chance of a breach baby. We want to allow you to have a comfortable pregnancy as well as a quicker birth.

Millions of hormonal changes in mothers and developing babies are controlled and coordinated through the nervous system, so you need a fast responding, healthy nervous system and spine now more than ever! That’s where chiropractics come in.

Here some other benefits:
• Decreased need for analgesics.
• Better functioning sacroiliac joints of pelvis, which means you’re less likely to have sharp contractions in the low back.
• Education on posture, lifting techniques and lifestyle factors.
• Decreased mid-back pain due to increase in breast size.
• Maintaining the thoracolumbar (mid/low back) flexibility can help decrease unnecessary discomforts like sciatica, pubic and pelvic pain.
• Increased size of pelvic outlet for the baby to grow and move, and for delivery, by controlling pelvic and sacrum rotation. If there isn’t enough room it may prevent the baby moving his/her head down into the ideal birth position in the final trimester.

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