Footprints Ecofestival 2016

Sunday August 21st, 11am-3pm, at Whites Creek Valley Park

The Inner West’s dedicated sustainability festival is about to arrive on our bustling, metropolitan doorstep. Footprints Ecofestival, held in the idyllic setting of Annandale’s Whites Creek Valley Park, is a chance to slow down and learn more about nurturing the environment around you. Footprints Ecofestival celebrates our relationship with nature through live performance, film, food, fashion and an array of educational workshops.

Jive with The Jiitterbugs

Headlining this year’s Footprints Ecofestival is the educational children’s entertainment group the Jitterbugs. Growing out of a passion for the environment, the Jitterbugs is an all-singing, all-dancing crew of critters who love teaching kids about the world around them. We spoke to Jitterbugs founder Ellen Revello (also known as Hug Bug), who explained that the Jitterbugs is very much a family affair.

How did the Jitterbugs come to be?
As a children’s entertainer, dancer, actor and choreographer watching children’s DVDs with my children, I decided to produce an educational, interactive children’s show and 18 years later my children have now taken over the show as performers themselves, playing guitar, djembe, harmonica and flute. There is Jessie the gorgeous butterfly, (played by Jess Revello), Frankie the Spider (played by Jackson Revello), Feebee the boogying bumble bee (played by Brielle Revello) and me, Hug Bug the Sensational Lady bug. It’s a family business!

What can families expect from the show at Footprints?
Expect to find yourselves in the world of the garden! We will explore the beauty of growing plants and the importance of producing your own food. We play music, sing and dance as we all explore nature growing in a garden! The show will explore where our food comes from and how we can plant our own food from seed. Because we are bugs, we also teach the importance of all the creatures living in a garden and how we can take care of them.

Why is it important that children learn about looking after the environment?
We grow as healthily as our own garden! Luckily, kids really do want to take care of the ecosystem and participate in growing its magic. We need to offer them the opportunity to experience nature so they may build their relationship with it and build a healthier earth. A growing kid needs lots of healthy food, so remember, if kids grow kale, kids eat kale!

What are some activities kids can do at home to keep learning about sustainability?
To learn about sustainability at home, grow a garden! There is nothing more sustaining and nourishing than your own garden. The garden is our greatest teacher of not only sustainability but vitality. With our children we can plant a fruit tree, watch it change with the seasons, then see it produce the most delicious fresh fruit for the family! How awesome! When we spend our time in nature, we learn about the good things of life and how to sustain them.

Do you have a favourite song that you perform?
‘Worms are the angels of the earth’, written by Jackson Revello.

Do you have any other sustainability heroes whose work you admire?
We totally admire the strong working bees. They work so hard each day to feed us every meal. They show us to be as hard working as them, and become real strong farmers! The bee is always happy and enjoys his efforts, and so can we. They teach us to work hard and still be happy by enjoying what we do.

The Jitterbugs will be performing at Footprints Ecofest on Sunday August 21st.

What’s On

Cycling cinema

Always a highlight of the Ecofestival, the Footprints Film Festival features short films made by local pro and amateur auteurs. The challenge of the film festival is to create a movie that shares a strong message about sustainable practice. Winners of the film fest will be announced at the end of the day, after the finalist entries have been screened. The Footprints cinema is bicycle powered, so audience members will definitely be part of the action.

Screenings run all day in the Footprints Film Festival tent.

Whiz-bang workshops

Are you interested in switching to a more sustainable lifestyle but not really sure where to begin? At Footprints you can pick up skills that will last you a lifetime with workshops on bee keeping, tree planting, bush tucker and repairing electrical items. If you are looking for inspiration in the kitchen, Sydney’s celebrities of sustainable food practice, Jaimee and Alex of Cornersmith Cafe, will be presenting workshops on pickling and preparing fermented drinks.

To see the full program of workshops head to

Clothes Swap

It’s time to update your wardrobe, minus the wastage, spending and poor working conditions encouraged by the fast-fashion industry. Simply drop off any items you no longer wear between 11.00am and 11.50am at the Whites Creek Dairy. Come back between 12 -1pm and use your tokens to redeem some ‘new’ threads. You can bring along a maximum of six clothing items. Torn, stained or unwashed items will not be accepted, but pre-loved, fabulous pieces definitely will be!

For more information about the Clothes Swap go to:

Ciao Vintage Fashion Parade

Whether you are an eco-crusader or bona fide fashionista, this parade will show you that sustainable practice can be a great source of style inspiration. All the items worn on the Ciao catwalk have been selected from the plethora of op-shop and specialist vintage stores throughout the Inner West, including local Vinnies and Red Cross stores, Eva’s Vintage and Recycology. Learn what to look for in garments when you are thrift shopping, and learn how to put together a stunning outfit with pre-loved items. Our models will show you that you don’t need to compromise on ethics to look on point.

Ciao’s vintage fashion parade will take place at 1.00pm styled by local fashionista Hannah Craft.

The Footprints Ecofestival is at Whites Creek Valley Park on White Street and Piper Street, Annandale. Catch the light rail to Rozelle Bay or 370 and 433 buses. Dogs are allowed at the park on leash, and there is an off-leash area along the park’s Smith Street perimeter.