Future Cities

Mayor Angelo Tsirekas today endorses the City of Canada Bay’s very first smart city plan for the future of the City. A smart city is a city that uses information and communication technologies to improve the quality of government services for the community’s benefit. A successful smart city can only exist with the community’s welfare at the centre.

“We are pursuing a smart city agenda to ensure good governance, improved sustainability, and to be a responsive government for our residents,” City of Canada Bay Mayor Angelo Tsirekas said.

“Our Smart City of Canada Bay: An Intelligent Plan is a considered approach to innovation, evaluating technological change and our values for implementing smarter ways of delivering the range of services we offer.”

“From our $5.2 million stormwater harvesting project and solar powered public bins to digital design workshops at our libraries, we have already begun paving the way for our City’s future.”

“This plan will ensure we continue to govern efficiently and effectively on behalf of the community.”

“Collaborating with our community on projects is integral to the work we do. I would like to thank our community members who provided their feedback on our smart city plan,” Mayor Tsirekas said.