Gigs Guide – 239

Thursday 7th August 
Vienna Teng

I’m sure people will disagree with me on this, but Vienna Teng’s music totally sounds like it was written for a Disney movie. I mean this in the best possible way though. Like the phenomenon of Frozen’s “Let It Go” or one of the many great tunes from Mulan (or indeed any of their musical animations), it’s emotional, soulful and always fun.

The Vanguard, $18.80


Friday 8th August

A pretty talented Melbourne band. They are called a dream pop band, which is accurate,
but their heavier songs are pretty much just shoegaze. Definitely not the best in this genre but certainly worth checking out.

The Roller Den, $15.8


Friday 8th August

This music is a huge amalgamation of disparate music styles and genre and, personally, I don’t think it really works in the end. While I like the darkness of it all and the synthetic beats are a lot better than I would expect, combining well with his voice, I’m just not sold on Fractures yet.

The Vanguard, $15.80

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