Gigs Guide – 246

Sunday 9th November 
Sweet Lil Rider

They play delta blues and they play it good but as easy as this band is to listen to, I’d say they are just as likely to bore as they are to entertain. Check them out though; the gig is free after all

The Annandale, Free


 Saturday 15th November 

I listened to a few of their songs and it took me a while to find something I liked. A lot seemed to be just the singer and her guitar and she simply doesn’t have the talent or the voice to pull it off alone. There is certainly something there when the whole band is involved though.

The Record Crate, $10


 Thursday 27th November 
Little May

I think what I like most about Little May is that, unlike all the dozens of similar bands popping up in this genre recently, they go dark. Too much indie is all happy-go-lucky bullshit and it’s just boring. To these ladies I say keep it dark, you rock it so well.

Newtown Social Club, $15