Giveaway: Scarygirl

The action-packed and heartwarming animated feature, SCARYGIRL, is releasing in Australian cinemas from October 26. The star-studded cast includes a diverse range of voices from Jillian Nguyen, Sam Neill, Deborah Mailman, Tim Minchin, Remy Hii, Rob Collins, Mark Coles Smith, Anna Torv and Dylan Alcott in his first acting role. 

The film follows Arkie, a young girl with a talent for technology and a tentacle-like arm. She is raised on an isolated peninsular by her kind but cautious father Blister, a rare Giant Octopus with the ability to regenerate life. As their idyllic world is threatened by an inexplicable loss of sunlight, Arkie and Blister work together to keep the local flora alive. Though Arkie has a tentacle like her father, and despite his unfailing encouragement, she can’t revive plants like he can.

When Blister is kidnapped, Arkie sets out to rescue her father, along with some new friends, and journeys into the City of Light: a dazzling, modern city controlled by the mysterious Doctor Maybee. As she tries to find Blister, Arkie discovers that not all is what it seems and this incredible new world her father kept her from is one of great danger and full of answers to questions she never knew she had.

Thanks to Madman Entertainment we have 5 double passes to giveaway. Simply email us at and name one of the great Aussie actors in the film.

You can watch the trailer for the film here