Inner west whispers – 238

Filming (inner) westerns, bus stop babe, crane chaos, the furniture fairy

• For those Haberfield residents that have spotted bright lights in the sky late into the night, there is no need to start worrying about alien abductions or UFOs. Word is they are filming an adaptation of the award-winning play Alex and Eve in Stanton Road and the late night luminance is just set lighting. Could the Inner West be the next Hollywood? Moviemakers certainly seem to have a growing interest in the area, with another feature titled Teenage Kicks, set to start filming in various Inner West locations over the next month. Directed by award-winning Craig Boreham, the film will star Miles Szanto (Love My Way) and Charlotte Best (Home and Away, Puberty Blues).

• Who is the gorgeous man that waits at the bus stop opposite Leichhardt MarketPlace on Monday mornings? He has got plenty of local girls talking (and trying not to stare).

• A little birdie has told us that the recent renovations at the Annandale Hotel include a breakfast bistro and coffee bar. Is the iconic pub drifting away from its live music venue roots? There will still be music, of course, but it sounds like they’re trying to jump on the ‘foodie pub’ bandwagon… maybe they’ve just finally got a handle on their demographic.

• Who keeps dumping furniture in Petersham Lane? Two double lounges have been blocking the lane all week, although we’re pretty sure the cat using the chairs as a comfy place to nap doesn’t mind…

• There was chaos on Alice Street, Newtown last Friday when a crane toppled from a construction site. It was driven into a ditch, causing it to fall and damage one car. No-one was injured, but the streets were closed for hours afterwards.

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