Interactive Theatre

Dark Stories presents Female of the Species, an interactive mystery theatre piece, written and produced locally, showing for 3 nights across the 5th to 7th July in a secret location deep within the heart of the Inner West.

This is theatre with a difference in which the audience forms part of the unfolding narrative and may be required to perform actions, make decisions and unravel clues that impact the show’s ultimate ending.

The audience experience commences at the doorstep of an insane asylum, ready to be introduced to the inmates, all with motive and opportunity to commit a recent murder. The inmates have agreed to a covenant that will allow a group of strangers to visit them, review the clues and pass judgement on whom they deem guilty.

But will the audience make the right choice? What will the consequences be? And is the female of the species really more deadly than the male?

Taking a break from the weekly routine of running True Crime Tours in Sydney, the Dark Stories team have produced and written another engaging and darkly themed interactive theatre event in a secret Balmain venue.

Female of the Species is the follow up to 2018’s successful run of Confessions of a Serial Killer and is another event that is designed to keep the audience guessing until the very end.

Female of the Species has only very limited sessions, playing for 3 nights only across the 5th to 7th July.

Tickets are selling for $45 per person and are available now at and are likely to sell-out quickly.

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