June Stars

By Astrogirlzarro



Home, family and security are themes for this month, thanks to a string of planets in cosy

Cancer. Nurture loved ones without overcommitting; look after your needs first.


Indulgence may be an issue under the Venus transit from 6 June, so exercise restraint.


Geminis will want to break free from routine under the Mercury transit. You’ll crave

adventure with a significant other, so change your environment whenever possible.


You’ll focus inwards when a cluster of planets enter introspective Cancer this month. Boost

personal growth from 6 June with the help of assertive Mars.


Early June brings second chances with missed professional opportunities. Cultivate business

relationships with the help of Venus after 6 June.


Mercury highlights your career zone between 6 and 21 June. This is an ideal time for

brainstorming professional ideas for the second half of 2017.


Career progression accelerates when Mars moves through Cancer from 5 June. Be aware of

a certain competitive advantage and use it to get what you want.


Your most romantic phase all year begins when Venus enters your love zone on 6 June. The

urge to merge with a significant other amplifies, especially between 21 and 24 June.


Sagittarians will have a light-hearted and relaxed approach to romance this month. Share

the good times with someone special and watch the sparks fly around 13 and 20 June.


Your love life will benefit from the potent influence of the Mercury-Venus- Mars link. New

relationship possibilities emerge throughout June.


Elegant Venus influences your domestic space from 6 June. Begin creating the solid and

soothing home you’ve always wanted.


Throughout June, make an effort to develop your creative side with the help of planets in

arty Cancer.