Latte Leftie #307

Latte Leftie belatedly weighs in on how secular liberal democracies throughout the West are a dead ringer for the Republic of Gilead


Dear LL – I’m confused as to why, unlike every other prominent member of the progressivatariat, you haven’t banged out a column breathlessly explaining how the TV adaption of a novel written during the Reagan era is incredibly topical and politically relevant. Especially given the puritanical, repressed, religious zealot Donald Trump is now American President (and that Papist, Malcolm ‘The Commander’ Turnbull, is still the Australian Prime Minister).   

Ofdennis, Petersham                  


LL replies: I have indeed been derelict in my leftist role-model duty, please accept my grovelling apology for my reprehensible man-silence. Of course, given social conservatives’ never-ending victories in recent decades – derailing no-fault divorce, restricting birth control, cockblocking the culturally powerless gay lobby, keeping abortion illegal, preventing the legal recognition of de facto relationships, shutting down the porn industry and encouraging generations of women to abandon their educations and career aspirations to become subservient homemakers – it goes without saying that a patriarchal dystopia is just one lost election, false-flag terrorist attack. or poorly thought out postal plebiscite away. Of course, the simple solution to this threat – as it is to all pressing social problems – is more vibrant diversity! If we could just restart the boats, this proto-fascist nation would never again have to worry about a theocracy emerging where religious leaders have absolute power, homosexuals and non-believers are put to death, troublemakers have their hands lopped off, and women are forbidden to drive or own property!