Max Reviews: Woolwich Pier Hotel

Whether you are after a pot pie, steak and chips or something just a little bit more fancy, the Woolwich Pier Hotel is bound to satisfy your taste buds. With a warm atmosphere and beautiful harbour views to boot, it’s a pub all foodies will love.

The hotel is located just above The Dock at Woolwich and, being so close to shore, has unrestricted views of much of the Inner West, the city skyline and both Sydney Harbour Bridge and ANZAC Bridge. The balcony area, from where these views are enjoyed, is sheltered from the wind and scattered with heaters so it can be enjoyed year round.

The Hotel has just finished some minor renovations of the courtyard space, which has been designed to reflect the style of local houses and is meant to invoke the feeling of being in your own backyard. It is hard to explain without experiencing it for yourself, but it’s an incredibly comfortable atmosphere with huts that allow you relative privacy in a public area. For those looking for a place for a family get together, look no further.

Like its surroundings, the kitchen at Woolwich Pier Hotel is also of the top standard. Recognised by the Sydney Morning Herald pub food guide as belonging in the highest tier, having been awarded the three schooners rating, head chef Glen Tabudlo has worked hard to create pub classics with his own unique twists. Some may be put off by the mixture of traditional pub bistro and classy restaurant, but believe me, there is nothing wrong with adding a little ritz to your steak.

On that note, let’s talk about their steak. The rib-eye was simply fantastic; dry aged and grain fed, the meat was hugely tender and full of flavour. I am usually the kind of person who will drench their steak in a mushroom or pepper sauce, but that would only be a detriment here.

Served with large, hand-cut chips and fresh cherry tomatoes that burst in your mouth, this is a lighter affair than most pub steaks but it certainly isn’t lacking in flavour.

Before visiting the Woolwich Pier Hotel I was also told that I had to try the sliders – plump mini burgers served on a brioche bun. I chow down on three varieties including the herb and cheddar crumbed chicken, the pulled pork belly and the beer battered dory fillet. My only problem was deciding which to have first, but I can’t look past the pork.

Moist and beautifully complimented by the slaw and BBQ mayo, this little sandwich is an absolute delight. Next I try the dory with the classic accompaniment of tartare sauce and am pleasantly surprised. The creamy flavour mingles with the crunchy texture of the batter and my taste buds are left singing. Finally I come to the chicken served with lettuce and spicy mayo. This is a classic for a reason. It all comes together; the crunch of the chicken, the crisp lettuce and the creamy tang of the sauce. All I can say is more please.


Woolwich Pier Hotel
2 Gale Street, Woolwich
Tel. 02 9817 2204

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