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Internationally acclaimed and Oscar-nominated filmmaker Mike Leigh‘s impassioned new film is an epic portrayal of the events surrounding the infamous 1819 Peterloo Massacre, where a peaceful pro-democracy rally at St Peter’s Field in Manchester turned into one of the bloodiest and most notorious episodes in British history. The massacre saw British government forces charge into a crowd of over 60,000 that had gathered to demand political reform and protest against rising levels of poverty. Many protestors were killed and hundreds more injured, sparking a nationwide outcry but also further government suppression. The Peterloo Massacre was a defining moment in British democracy which also played a significant role in the founding of The Guardian newspaper.

Starring Rory Kinnear, Maxine Peake and Neil Bell, Peterloo is in cinemas from May 16

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“With this richly intelligent, passionate movie Mike Leigh has fought a brilliant rearguard action on history’s political battlefield.” Peter Bradshaw – The Guardian

“…complex, rousing and rewarding … for anyone prepared to meet it on its own unapologetically ambitious terms.” Robbie Collin – The Telegraph

“…the last 30 minutes is perhaps the most visceral filmmaking Leigh has ever pulled off.”  Emily Yoshida – New York Magazine

Thanks to Transmission Films we have 5 double in season passes to give away. For a chance to win all you have to do is email us at with Peterloo in the subject line, telling us what you’d be prepared to take to the streets and protest about now (there’s no “right” answer – just whatever issue makes your blood boil). Make sure you include a postal address for the prize. Entries close midday Monday May 13.


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