Recovered Denim

“Denim is such a sturdy, diverse textile that has the transformative ability to look incredible even when it’s worn and threadbare. Its shape-shifting quality was the starting point for the designers,” says Alison Jose, Director of the Circular Centre in Stanmore. “It’s rare for a fashion competition’s Design Brief to make it mandatory to start by collecting unwanted denim plus so-called waste materials to start designing,” laughs Jose.

The General Pants Co. design team have selected the three winners of The Circular Denim Redesign Competition.

The First-Place winner is fashion designer MEG PARRY of Melbourne whose entry, “RE-Psych”, involved a Biker Jacket designed using 100% pre-loved denim jeans, denim scrap pieces and deadstock metal fasteners.

Second Place winner is Sydney designer ANGELIKA KILKOLLY who designed a menswear boiler suit plus bomber jacket with patchwork workwear jeans.

Third place winner is Natalie Weinhold who sees that “upcycling existing textiles is a responsibility and a creative challenge.” Weinhold designs from her Sydney-based design studio, TRAKTA, and embraced the Denim Redesign Competition given she has “consciously chosen to ensure my own design practice is part of the solution.” Weinhold’s philosophy is to be “CONSCIOUS. CONTEMPORARY. COOL,” and to design with “a sharp wit, a conscious attitude and a touch of nostalgia.”

Rounding out the TOP 10 DESIGNERS were Anika Bharadwaj, Leah Giblin, Jodie Kemp, Diana Manzi, Juan Saenz, Ting Wu and Marissa Yourelis. These designers along with all entries can be found on the Circular Centre’s website

The winners will be showcased in General Pants Co. flagship Sydney store early next year. As first-place designer, Meg Parry unlocks an internship at General Pants Co. to work side by side with some of Australia’s leading designers in this space. All three winners selected will also receive a bespoke package of CircStretch the world’s first non-toxic home compostable stretch fabric from Circular Centre.

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