Righteous rightie – 237

Righteous Rightie lays out the unarguable case for Australia to get involved in a second Iraq war quick smart.

Dear RR – What do you make of those cheese-eating surrender monkey leftists who question the sound rationales for getting involved in Iraq back in 2003
and, even worse, suggest it would be ill-advised to front up for a sequel in 2014?
Greg, Annandale

RR replies: It boils my blue blood that while we are celebrating the centenary of WWI, a conflict where so many noble diggers made the ultimate sacrifice to keep this nation safe from the depredations of the Austro-Hungarian empire, today’s peacenik quislings are sneering at the rock-solid arguments for Australian troops to march into Iraq – no doubt under a big ‘Mission Re-accomplished’ banner on roads lined with flower-throwing Shias, Sunnis, Kurds and Marsh Arabs – and sort out those fractious towelheads once and for all. That Churchillian statesman John Howard has now been proven correct that the Middle East would go all to hell should our American cousins be moronic enough to vote in the crypto-Muslim weakling Obama. I’m sure he’ll also belatedly be proven right about the existence of Saddam’s human-shredding machine if a proper search is conducted when the Coalition of the Willing 2.0 marches triumphantly into Baghdad. This nation can’t go wrong listening to the sage counsel of noted foreign policy intellectuals such as Greg Sheridan and Andrew Bolt and they’ve convincingly set forth the case that this nation should maintain its proud history of interjecting itself into whatever distant imperial adventure the superpower we’re currently trying to suck up to deigns to engage in. I for one am confident that our newish PM will show himself to be a ‘man of steel’ and loyal deputy sheriff when the hour cometh.

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