Righteous Rightie – 306

More in sadness than in anger, Righteous Rightie delivers a stern lecture on the lessons of history to the commo yoof.

Dear RRWhat is it with young people today and their infatuation for totalitarian leftists such as Bernie Sanders, Jeremy Corbyn and Bill ‘Penalty Rates’ Shorten? Granted, it’s unfortunate to need a PhD to get a casual job in the service sector. Or to devote 95 per cent of your meagre earnings to paying back a student loan and renting a broom cupboard out in the boondocks. But don’t the young ’uns understand just how good they have it? I realise they’re too young to remember the 1970s, when unionised gravediggers would allow piles of bodies to rot in the streets if they didn’t get 1000 per cent pay rises every other week. But do they want Facebook run by public service losers? Do they imagine Apple will keep making those gadgets Gen Y are addicted to if the taxman has the unmitigated gall to start helping himself to a share of the resulting profits? Do they want to start paying $100 for a serve of smashed avocado after their local café is nationalised and the wait staff demand a three-hour working week, a month of stress leave any time a customer snaps at them, and to actually receive the super contributions deducted from their wages?
– Piers, Balmain

RR replies: Sadly, it appears that now school and university curricula are exclusively devoted to encouraging students to gender transition, there no time to left for teaching about the mixed record of progressive Dead White Males such as Joseph Stalin and Nicolae Ceausescu. Or even ethnically diverse wealth redistributors such Saddam Hussein, Kim Il-Sung, Robert Mugabe and Hugo Chavez!