Stars – 211


The need to communicate will be strong under a third house transit. Consulting a trusted friend helps re-frame any issues you may be working through.



Think BIG when it comes to romance. With Venus in the picture, you’ll be drawn to someone who has recently crossed your path. Let them help you define your romantic boundaries.



The New Moon on June 8th is the time to revamp your image. Experimenting with different styles will work in your professional favour.



You’ll be emotionally impulsive when the Moon connects with your Sun on May 10th. Break free from the past and learn to be in the moment.



Get involved in community activities and make new connections under an eleventh house transit. Participating and networking will pay off on a social level.



Sticking to one professional task may prove tricky under the tenth house transit. Vary the routine or learn a new skill to prevent boredom.



Travel dominates your thoughts this fortnight. Any trip you take should have an educational component to make it momentous.



You may experience shortages of love and money. It’s only the Universe telling you to be less possessive about these matters. Learn the art of detaching from what isn’t yours to

begin with.



Jupiter, Venus and Mars continue to provide opportunities for love. Seek versatility, intelligence and shared interests with a significant other.



Saturn may be putting the breaks on your career, but there is plenty of action occupying your house of fun. Focus on playtime.



You may be attracted to unconventional concepts this fortnight. Exposure to new ideas through study will open up fascinating worlds.



Links from Mercury and Venus trigger your creative side. Aim to bring harmony to your world through the arts and the finer things in life.

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