Stars – 230

Aries  The New Moon in your sign on March 31st aligns with Uranus, bringing excitement and unpredictability.
Liberating yourself from a restrictive situation is possible now.

Taurus  The Venus-Mercury link demonstrates how an image overhaul influences your chances of professional success.
Promote your talents before April 5th for best results.

Gemini  Your ruling planet, Mercury, changes signs on April 7th,
providing you with courage and confidence to speak up about a pressing issue.

Cancer  From April 2nd, the Sun, Mercury and Venus help shift your attitude toward certain work duties.
Laborious tasks require minimum effort under this transit.

Leo  Any negotiations or business dealings that need closing are best finalised before April 5th when Venus slips off the radar.

Virgo  Delays surrounding an important relationship should lift this fortnight.
You may be tempted to rush into a liaison where deliberate and calculated moves work best.

Libra  The New Moon in your romantic sector on March 31st brings stimulation where love is concerned.
A significant other will set you free from the drudgery of routine.

Scorpio  The Mercury transit connects you with inspiring people.
This is an ideal time to network and expand your connection pool.

Sagittarius  It’s all about togetherness when Venus enters your domestic world on April 5th.
‘Harmony’ is the key word for many family-oriented Centaurs.

Capricorn  Rearrange your living space under the Sun-Mercury-Uranus link.
Consider space saving storage solutions to create a welcoming environment.

Aquarius  Yet another money circle begins for the Water Bearer on April 5th.
You may attract seductive financial offers or items of quality, but exercise control.

Pisces  Venus moves into your sign this fortnight.
Deep connections with a spiritual element are possible now.


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