Stars – July 2017

Your domestic zone becomes the focus this month, thanks to the feisty Mars transit. Activate stuck situations by 20 July.

You’ll appreciate the increased powers of concentration that Mercury generates between 6 and 26 July. Solitude is required for undertaking personal matters.

Geminis will be feeling the love for most of July when Venus enters your sign in the first week. Expand your heart connection to those who may have fallen off the radar.

Pluto’s connection to the Full Moon on 9 July signals a phase of detoxification and transformation. Purging on many levels revitalises your spirit.

Leos will make noticeable progress with a stalled situation under Mercury’s cycle between 6 and 26 July and the power of the New Moon on 23 July.

Image is everything when pursuing professional goals throughout July. Venus helps you make a charming first impression with all the right people.

Leadership opportunities at work are likely to arise this month. Mars produces confidence and initiative to power you forward professionally.

Your thirst for adventure is potent mid-year. Break deadening routine and explore unknown terrain, especially around 20 July.

Sagittarians will continue to enjoy an extensive romantic phase, especially when Venus enters your love zone on 5 July. Expect emotional fireworks around 18 and 29 July.

Mid-year is the ideal time for Capricorns to explore and enjoy new relationship possibilities.

Aquarians will experience a productive period at work until 20 July. Refining skills takes the edge off surmounting challenges.

Mars supplies the dreamy Piscean with energy and boldness this month. Artistic output increases during this phase, so get creative.

By Astrogirlzarro