Suhani Shah at Rising Melbourne

Review: A pocket rocket Indian (female) mentalist that blows your mind with her unique fusion of magic and frivolity.

Here for her first time in Australia, after being the most subscribed magician on Youtube and working the Indian and international circuits, Shah has mesmorised millions through her talents of mind-reading.

Some might call it sophisticated guess work, others might think it is part neuro-linguistic programming, part hypnosis, others think it is divine intervention. Whatever it is, most of audience agree that it is pretty incredible watching a sassy Indian magician laugh when she remarkably predicts the serial number on a $20 note after randomly picking 5 people and asking them to tell her a number.

Jaws dropped when Shah accurately predicted audience members’ mother’s birthdays, favourite songs, images they had drawn and even distant childhood memories.

What adds to the magic is Shah’s confident easy stage presence. At first there were sceptics, expecting her to get answers wrong. By the end of the show the whole audience was barracking for her, laughing, hoping with all their hearts that her answers were 100% correct. And they were. She transforms even the most hardened sceptic into a delusional fan. How?

It’s a clever mix of manipulation, stagecraft, entertainment, evangelism, sleight of hand, and proving beyond all reasonable doubt that Shah is always telling the truth.  Audience members are brought up to testify there are no secret cameras, earphones or secretly planted staff posing as audience members.  Add to this a few jokes about not being able to spell because she didn’t finish school or she’s always single because no man wants to date a woman who can read his mind, and the show is more than just magic.

Shah’s been performing magic shows since she was 7 and with 5000 shows behind her, her professionalism and candour are innate. The audience is immediately Spellbound and though we try to work out how she has performed these tricks, she is foolproof.

Suhani Shah is performing at Rising Melbourne. Tickets are only $35

Only two shows remain.

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