Sunny Grayndler

Can Albanese lose? Yeah Nah

With an overwhelming number of votes in 2016 for the seat of Grayndler, Inner West ALP candidate is a shoo-in. Others might try and cast speculation about the climbing Greens vote in the region and yes while it is true in both State and Local elections, when it comes to Federal elections, the ALP stronghold is, well, strong.

Part of that success can be attributed to the strong genuine connection Albo has with his electorate. We have seen this with Tanya Plibersek in Balmain and across the board with the Liberals, even dare we say it, Tony Abbott. Candidates that hold their seats are good sitting local members. It is that simple.They turn up to soccer presentations, they have beers at their local pubs, they enjoy being in their electorate – and not just for votes. It kind of has to go beyond that.

Albanese has worked hard on this years election campaign trail. He’s made sausages, announced funding for local sports grounds and met with the elderly. This is all while developing nationwide policies for infrastructure, tourism and transport.

The other candidates, Jim Casey of the Greens, Derek Henderson from the Liberal Party and Majella Morello from the Science Party are some of the other candidates that have no doubt worked hard, but they just don’t punch with the same weight as Albo.

Brought up by his single mum, Albanese is every working person’s man and despite the struggles of his party not actually getting that he probably could have taken the top job – he is retained his dignity and diligence.

In 2016 Albanese took 41.6% of the primary vote and 65.8% of the two party preferred vote. We’ll see how this stacks up against the 2019 election very very soon.