Local Cinemas this week

February 27, 2018

The Square Christian (Claes Bang) is the head curator at a prestigious contemporary art museum in Stockholm. Startlingly handsome, elegantly dressed and decked out in fashionable eyewear, he’d be instantly recognizable in the hippest of […]

In The Fade preview giveaway

February 27, 2018

Winner of the 2018 Golden Globes for Best Foreign Language Film, Fatih Akin’s topical thriller In The Fade tells the story of Katja (Diane Kruger), whose life falls apart when out nowhere, her husband Nuri […]

One blockbuster you should see

February 27, 2018

We don’t usually bother with multiplex fare, especially the increasingly dreary super-hero franchises. Besides, Ciao isn’t on Disney’s media invitation list. But for the most talked about and arguably most important film of the year, maybe we […]

The Square giveaway

February 27, 2018

“…it sets out to make your jaw drop. And it succeeds.” Christian is the respected curator of a prestigious contemporary art gallery in Stockholm. He thinks of himself as a decent man—after all, he drives an electric car and supports […]

Local cinemas this week

February 21, 2018

Finding Your Feet There is a market for movies about baby boomers rediscovering their “true adventurous selves” after they’re firmly stuck in Centrelink’s clutches – and you’ll see them at the daytime weekday sessions of […]

Win tickets to the French Film Festival

February 19, 2018

It’s hardly a surprise to learn that the Alliance Française French Film Festival – which arrives in town on Feb 27 and sticks around until the end of March – is now the largest festival […]

The French Film Festival’s Top Five

February 17, 2018

Five films you must see at the 2018 Alliance Française French Film Festival There are forty seven new features at this year’s festival, which completely dominates Palace Cinema’s programming for the whole month of March […]

Local cinemas this week

February 13, 2018

Lady Bird Greta Gerwig’s debut is quite simply a delight – so wonderfully fresh and warm that it seems set on another planet rather than the American teen universe we usually see on screen. It […]