The Daddy of all Hot Sauces

August 19, 2016

This traditional hot sauce is prepared through lactic acid fermentation, resulting in a depth and complexity of flavour that far outshines the vinegary sauces you can purchase commercially. Teeming with beneficial bacteria, enzymes and vitamins, […]

Spicy: Your thoughts on Tinder

February 5, 2016

Tinder – the best thing since sliced bread OR Cyber scourge of true romance? “I think it’s a bit of fun, but I wouldn’t take it too seriously or expect anything real to come from […]

Sticky glazed Chinese five spice lamb ribs

March 30, 2014

If ever there was a cut of animal engineered to be best mates with beer, lamb ribs would most certainly have to be it. Sticky, meaty, juicy, they’re finger lickin’ good and super easy to […]

Pumpkin-spiced almond milk smoothie

December 16, 2013

There are many benefits to living on this side of the world at Christmas. None of them involve the ability to sip eggnog or mulled wine, or indulge in rich, warming foods without breaking into […]