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Campos pop-up cafe

It’s not everyday you see hoards of inner city professionals, decked out in business suits and pencil skirts, hanging out in a Newtown pub at 10am on a Monday. If you head to the Marlborough Hotel in the next few weeks, however, that is exactly what you will find. The only difference is that the bevvy of choice is a flat white

Amid the bar stools, soggy coasters and the smell of spilt beer, Newtown’s much loved Campos Coffee cafe has set up shop right in the heart of another local favourite — their neighbour, the Marly bar. It’s only temporary, though, while Campos renovates their Missenden Road location.

Ciao loves any maneuver that means we don’t have to miss out on our daily caffeine hit from our fave spot. But aside from the resourcefulness — a cafe in a pub, who would have thought? It’s nice to see two local businesses coming together. And not only is it bringing together the two businesses: it’s bringing together the coffee drinkers and the casual midday beer drinkers. It’s a sight to see a table of people conducting a business meeting alongside a group of sport fans cheering at the television in perfect harmony.

But the best bit? The Marly bar has free wifi for all its patrons. Something that, to our dismay, the Campos cafe was lacking. Maybe it’s a ploy to stop people crowding up their tables with laptops for hours on end, but either way, you can finally have your quality coffee and web browsing too.

Excuse me while I hang out there for awhile.