What is in store for you this year?



Make 2018 the year you become the expert in your chosen arena. Set yourself specific goals and focus on achieving them with the help of motivated Mars.


Begin a journey of reshaping your world in a positive way under the influence of revolutionary Uranus.


The Twins may break new financial ground in 2018 under the Saturn-Pluto link. Explore the power of partnerships in elevating you to the next monetary level.


Saturn begins a three-year tour of your love zone this year, putting the emphasis on relationship commitment. Seek guidance from wise and experienced souls.


You get a taste of your destiny in 2018 under the karmic North Node and the Leo-Aquarius eclipses. Be prepared to severe the past and follow your bliss.


Pay attention to internal shifts and trust your hunches this year. Be flexible and adapt your schedule to allow new developments to flourish.


‘Stability’ is the key word for Librans in 2018. Pull away from the white noise of the world to focus on issues close to home.

Jupiter continues his journey through your sign until the end of the year. Take advantage of opportunities that come your way over the coming months.


With Saturn moving on from your sign, life will be sweet in 2018. You begin an energising cycle of luck and growth in November when Jupiter enters Sagittarius.


Focus on wellbeing in 2018. Transformation on various levels is possible through concentrated inner work under the serious Saturn cycle.


Mars, Uranus and the Leo-Aquarius eclipses ensure that you’re shaken and stirred throughout the year. Take action on stalled issues or projects with favourable results.


Jupiter and Saturn hold elevated positions in your chart, giving 2018 a buoyant vibe. Blissfully participate in life by exhibiting your gifts to the world.

By Astrogirlzarro