Your month in the stars – August

Mars’ retrograde motion demands that you de-clutter on a practical and emotional level to release the baggage that is holding you back.

The New Moon on 11 August prompts a breakthrough in resolving a family situation. Be open to receiving the information you need to make a crucial decision.

Wellbeing is a priority for the Twins this month, thanks to the excessive Jupiter cycle. Improve your diet, routine or exercise schedules, especially around 19 August, for maximum benefits.

The eclipse on 11 August triggers your financial zone. Invest wisely for long-term gain.

Leos, this is your month to shine. Lions, being natural leaders, have the opportunity to step into a managerial or influential role around 11 August.

A favourable aspect between Jupiter and Neptune reveals progress on an intimate level. Be supportive to love ones around 19 August and watch romance to blossom.

Domestic concerns are heightened under the Saturn-Uranus link. Pause and consider all options before radically changing a certain situation for the sake of it.

Mars spends time in your home sector from 13 August. Rearrange or refurbish your living situation to accommodate your busy schedule.

Sagittarians will find attracting attention to their projects effortless from 23 August. Success or recognition is possible if you work towards it over the next few weeks.

Cash flow issues may be resolved around 13 August. Adopt smart financial opportunities towards the end of the month to future-proof yourself and loved ones.

A lucrative job opportunity around 19 August may turn a creative interest into a successful side business. This is an ideal time to unearth your true motivations around wealth.

Follow a feeling and visualise an alternative reality. The Full Moon on 26 August encourages you to consider which elements to incorporate into your current life.


By Astrogirlzarro