Your month in the stars – July

Domestic life is the focus under the Solar Eclipse on 3 July. Opportunities arise throughout the month to create a home you love.

Decisions around relocating emerge as Mars tours Leo from 2 July. Make necessary changes to your living situations with confidence.

Expect a raise, promotion or bonus at work under the karmic North Node. You’ve got the power regarding financial choices, especially around 10 July, so use it.

The New Moon Eclipse in your sign on 3 July aligns with the North Node, increasing the possibilities for reaching your long-held dreams. Overcome old fears and go for it!

Areas of your personal life become more fulfilling this month. Discover new activities that you can share with loved ones, especially around 25 July.

The Eclipse of 17 July brings a turning point in your love life, children or hobbies. Expect romance to germinate this month and bloom in the second half of the year.

Tie up financial obligations by 9 July when you look at changing money habits that free-up your time for the rest of the month.

Mars in Leo from 2 July helps you make progress at work. This is an ideal time to put professional plans in motion and change direction.

The Eclipse of 3 July activates your financial zone and triggers a cycle that transforms your life on many levels.

Romance is on the agenda this month. The North Node helps you release old relationship baggage, and a change in environment helps shift your mindset to let love in.

Progress in your domestic sphere occurs around 9 July. Large scale plans such as relocation or home extensions prove successful.

Jupiter’s influence indicates professional growth, especially around 25 July. Take on a prestigious project or find the right opportunity for your business plans to flourish.


By Astrogirlzarro