Your month in the stars – November

Take charge of relationship issues under the Mars-Jupiter link. Make romance a priority, especially around 13 November.

Slow down and enjoy the good life this month. The Full Moon in your sign on 13 November evokes a sensual energy, so indulge in a little luxury.

Jupiter’s transit provides opportunities to improve on a special personal or professional relationship. Reach out to those who can expand your horizons.

Adjustments to home routines become tricky under the Mars-Pluto connection. Solutions to family or home matters emerge between 5 and 13 November if you remain flexible.

Lucky Leos are feeling the love this month, thanks to supportive Jupiter. Taking romance to the next level is possible around 13 and 24 November.

The Mars-Saturn link demands you focus on financial obligations after 5 November. A trusted mentor can help set healthy limits with money.

Your efforts to fast-track financial repayments are rewarded after 28 November when you are free to pursue creative endeavours with gusto.

A romantic holiday is on the agenda under the Venus-Uranus connection. Expect the unexpected around 28 November when love takes you by surprise.

Centaurs need to focus on experience and growth throughout November. Be open to opportunities in the areas of tertiary education, travel and teaching.

Your professional progress accelerates after 5 November. Career development choices arise after 13 November when you are prepared to go to the next level.

Ambitious Mars brings energy and confidence to any personal or professional projects you undertake this month, so go for it!

An adventurous phase begins where overseas travel and global connections become integral to your development. Be open to prospects for international greatness.

By Astrogirlzarro