Your month in the stars – November

A twelve-year cycle of adventure begins on 8 November. The opportunity for international travel or study is possible under the Jupiter transit.

This is the month for discussions around finances with a significant other. Review joint monetary ventures under the Mercury retrograde motion.

A major relationship cycle begins on 8 November that will unfold over the next twelve years. Begin to initiate long-held romance dreams and watch love materialise.

The North Node enters your sign, triggering events that have a sense of ‘destiny’. Pay attention to those twinges regarding your life purpose and act on them.

You get a taste of what’s possible in 2019. News regarding children, creative projects or romance received after 8 November sets the scene for the coming year.

The Mercury retrograde motion will affect your cashflow between 1 and 15 November. Expect a resolution in the second half of the month when you rethink your budget.

Refresh your professional goals under the North Node’s influence. Trust your inner-knowing and be guided to a fulfilling career.

You connect to a buried desire under the influence of the New Moon on 8 November. Action-oriented Mars helps you develop this lost creativity with confidence and enthusiasm.

A new cycle of growth starts this month that sets the trajectory for the next twelve years. Projects initiated under the Jupiter-Sagittarius transit will flourish and gain recognition.

The North Node moves into your love zone on 7 November. A significant other ignites your interest in skills or passions that can take you places.

Focus on friendships and networking throughout November and enjoy the social whirl.

Pisceans may realise a long-held financial goal this month. The Universe encourages you to create more independence around money for you to achieve your dreams.


By Astrogirlzarro