Your month in the stars – October

The New Moon in your love zone on 9 October sets the tone for the month. Let go of grudges and begin again with your closest relationships.

Venus goes retrograde from 10 October, prompting you to ask deep questions about romance. Rethink your commitments, even if you have to explore confronting issues.

This month, you’ll be inspired by the Universe to nurture your health, whether it’s diet, routine or exercise schedules. Pay particular attention to harmful habits on 29 October.

Plans regarding children, romance or creative pursuits may be on hold when Venus moves backwards from 4 October. Don’t force events; second chances are possible in December.

‘Spontaneity’ is the key word for Leos this month. Explore professional opportunities outside your comfort zone with the help of impulsive Uranus.

Contracts, paperwork and financial documents of all types need to be finalised in October.

The New Moon on 9 October connects with Pluto, signalling transformation. Healing connections are possible if you process feelings surrounding certain people or situations.

Venus moves backwards in your sign, giving you time to reflect on values and goals. Overhaul any habits or attitudes that no longer serve you.

The Universe raises questions around truth, purpose and the meaning of life. Let go of outdated spiritual concepts and develop an authentic take on the divine.

Blessings come your way under the current Jupiter cycle. Friendship is a gift; discover the love and support that’s always been around you, and stay connected.

Mars returns to your sign. Prepare to power forward with projects or situations that have stalled.  Steps you take now drive you consistently for the next two years.

You question your place in the world under the Venus retrograde motion. Allow yourself to explore these yearnings.


By Astrogirlzarro