Your Say: Do you trust the Media?

We ask, inner westies answer...

Do you trust the media at all? And if so, which media source do you trust most: TV, radio or newspapers?

“This is a very good question…I trust that it’s one view for the most part, but value that it’s a view nonetheless. If I had to choose, I guess, radio perhaps? I feel it gives more opportunities for the public to speak their minds, particularly if its live to air.”
Amy, Broadway.

“Not usually.”
Alana, Broadway.

“There’s a guy who wears a tinfoil hat and hangs out around my work’s dumpster, he normally knows what’s going on.”
Mark, Newtown.

“AM radio seems trustworthy for some reason. The distorted stream makes it sound authentic.”
Phil, Roselands.

“I don’t trust Tracy Grimshaw’s hair – that’s all I know.”
Juliana, Haberfield.

“It’s not about the channel. It’s more about the depth of the reporting. For example, I listen to many long radio programs on Radio National but I definitely don’t trust the news on the commercial stations.”
Mike, Sydney.

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