Your Say: Favourite Five Dock Businesses

With Ferragosto fast approaching Great North Road, we ask locals what their favourite Five Dock business is?

“The charcoal chicken shop – I’ve been getting chicken, chip and gravy rolls their since my high school days and they are still delicious!”
– Korin, Five Dock.

“Tamborrino for the coffee.”
– Erica, Abbotsford Cove.

“Okonomy has become my new favourite place for sushi, I’m there once a week.”
– Nick, Ashfield.

“Simply the Best Chinese restaurant. The guy that owns it is an absolute hoot! Every time I go there he welcomes me home and tells me how good looking I am.”
– Robyn, Burwood.

“Well I’ve been getting my cakes from Marineve for 20 years so I guess they must be my favourite.”
– Nunzia, Five Dock.

“Gatto Matto because they have the best food and best-looking chef.”
– Nancy, Haberfield.

“Ben’s Nails because the staff are so friendly and they always personalise your experience.”
– Angela, Sydney.

“It’s hard to decide because the people are so nice everywhere but I spread myself between Bar Rizzo and Tre Punte. I also like that strange little gift shop with really vintage looking Italian bric-a-brac.”
– Amelia, Abbotsford.

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