Your say: gender equality

Do you think we’ve achieved gender equality?

“Not at all, not one bit. There’s so many things, entrenched pay gaps, women not being at the top of industries, often being in more casualised roles, yeah. It’s no good.”
Peter, Leichhardt

“No. Not at all. Just look at the rates of domestic violence, they are shocking.”
Josephine, Russell Lea

“I’m going to say no straight away. We live in a society that likes to look good and do nothing. People like talking the talk, in whatever context, whether in business or an organisation, or for example at my footy club, there is a whole lot of talk about wanting to do things to make the culture more inclusive, but when it comes to action that’s another thing. I think people want to say we have a society that is gender inclusive or equal, but the reality is that it’s not even close.”
Jimmy, Marrickville

“I would have to say no. Dad’s still get a bad rap.”
Barry, Enmore.

“I think we have a long way to go. People can say one thing but if you’re not practicing… preach and practice, don’t preach and not practice.”
Mary, Lilyfield