Your stars for MAY


Delayed financial matters move forward this month, thanks to Mercury and Venus. The second half of May brings second chances with missed monetary opportunities.

Explore how technology can help you improve business plans or budget issues, especially between 11 and 25 May.

Impulsive Mars inspires you to turn dreams into reality throughout May. Thinking outside the box between 29 and 31 May brings you closer to your vision.

Focus on career or life direction between 11 and 25 May. Applying yourself to a professional project produces long-term dividends.

Don’t be tempted to force a stalled project or situation until mid-May when charming Venus generates fluid energy.

Virgos will get creative around the home this month under the Saturn-Uranus link. Downsize or reduce living costs by adopting a ‘make-do’ philosophy.

Your love life will be an unconventional mix of excitement and commitment. Being open to new experiences will result in emotional stability.

Scorpios will see the results of a long-term financial plan this month. The Full Moon on 11 May encourages you to develop openness and trust in your personal or professional dealings.

Creative projects have the chance to blossom if you are willing to release fear and break old patterns.

Capricorns intent on resolving home or family issues will reach closure towards the end of May, thanks to diplomatic Venus.

Confident Mars inspires you to be assertive in love. This is not the time to blend into the wallpaper – be daring and go for it!

The Saturn-Uranus transit improves your career prospects, especially between 11 and 25 May. This is an ideal time to ask for a pay increase or go after that promotion.
By Astrogirlzarro