Your month in the stars – May

Negotiations work in your favour in the first week of May. Brainstorm grand ideas toward the end of the month with the help of the Sun-Mercury link.

Mercury highlights your communication skills. Assert your cause with confidence and conviction.

Mars bounces around in your sign until 15 May. Take the initiative with a new venture in the first half of the month and watch it soar.

Avoid moodiness and rash decision-making in relation to a personal issue. Manage the matter with faith and confidence.

Your efforts in attracting the help you want improves after 15 May when action-oriented Mars changes signs.

Express yourself freely this May. The Universe wants your talents to shine. Close bonds are strengthened further after 14 May, providing the support you need.

Take the best of what ambitious Mars offers until 15 May. Stand strong and proud in your conviction but stick with common sense to achieve success.

Test the waters with an issue or individual in the first half of the month. Problem solving proves effortless after 15 May with the help of Mars in caring Cancer.

Venus and Mars rev-up your love life, generating energy and passion. Share an excellent adventure with that special someone.

Avoid laziness dictating your movements this month. Your energy is revitalised by engaging in mutual activities in the second half of May.

Communication and ideas come in ingenious flashes, thanks to the immediate Mars transit. Your ideas gain approval with the power of persuasion.

Bustling routine dominates most of this month’s activities. Life may feel fast but try stepping back to gain perspective with the help of Mercury.


By Astrogirlzarro