Yours Say: dream pets

If you could have any pet in the world, what would it be and why?

“A pug, because it is the animal version of myself.”
Melanie, Petersham

“A macaw because they are smart, have cool have cool colours and can live up to fifty years”
George, Leichhardt

“A dolphin, so we could catch waves together. Also, it would have my back if any sharks came sniffing.”
Michael, Enmore

“None, because I have a hard enough time keeping myself alive.”
Isabella, Newtown

“One of those cats with the angry flat face and the tongue that always pokes out. They seem chill but also fun to cuddle and look like a grumpy old man.”
Courtney, Camperdown

“A monkey – obviously, so I can train it to help around the house and bring me things in bed.”
Chris, Five Dock

“I want to adopt a retired greyhound, because they are lovely natured dogs, in need of a good home and are really big so they would be great to snuggle with.”
Eloise, Newtown

“Pets are so unsustainable. Does my wife count?”
Caleb, Wareemba