Yoyo – Hot or not?

Yoyo is a happy Border Collie from Hurlstone Park with big brown eyes that will melt your heart.

Yoyo loves to hang out in dog parks and surprise people by jumping up to lick their face without touching them – some say he was trained as a ninja in his past life. Most people think he got his name from bouncing up and down, but ‘Yoyo’ is actually short for ‘Johan’ because he’s secretly Swedish.

Yoyo will be three years old in October, and he’s the friendliest dog you’ll ever meet, unless you try to steal his chicken. If you can keep your paws off his lunch however, he’d love to meet a new K-9 companion.



The panel says:



LARRY from Balmain

I don’t mean to sound catty but I hate it when dogs lick my face…




RATTUS from Balmain

I love Yoyo’s hair, it must keep him warm in winter. There isn’t much I can do with mine so I use big accessories to stand out instead.



STELLA MAY from Alexandria

Those dreamy eyes, cute quirky white whiskers topped by your shiny lustrous coat – I’d get out of bed early any day to stretch my legs in the park with you Yoyo!




LEEROY from Bellevue Hill

I’d love to take Yoyo to an off-leash dog park for some real fun!

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