Inner West Whispers – 249

In this special edition of Whispers, we tell you what Inner West residents really want for Christmas.
We heard it on the trainline. 

Newtown/Enmore–A home cooked meal:
Your friends will be grateful no matter what you plate up – they won’t have to line up, or hear about each ingredient’s ‘journey’… and at least they’ll know the food wasn’t salvaged from a dumpster.

Five Dock–A skateboard:
Or really anything that will get them to Victoria Road faster than their own car, which, with the traffic these days, leaves you with a lot of options.

Balmain–A book:
With Balmain’s two bookshops ended, Balmainites need all the words you can chuck at them. Give them scrappy detective stories, outdated editions of That’s Life or even the respectable publication in your hands. They are ravenous for anything, especially if it’s compact enough to read on a bar stool.

Rozelle–Something local:
Best thing you can do is buy your Rozelle friends something from Rozelle, and then show them the receipts for all the other things you bought there. Rozelle’s beautiful shopping strip has known better days, and retail therapy is just what the doctor ordered.

Leichhardt–Performance art:
By which I mean just go to Leichhardt and perform! Do something ‘wacky’ like painting a mural on your friend’s street, or open a pop-up restaurant in their laundry. Locals have been hankering for any sign of life they can get – fake it till you make it.

Stanmore–Pest control:
The German Cockroaches are on the loose, and so are the slugs. Whether it’s a bait or a complete hose-down, your mates will love you for it.

MarrickvilleA rescued dog:
Just because.