Stars – 209

Your stars for the week from our real Astrogirl

The Sun and Mars form favourable aspects in your spirituality zone.
Direct your energy into slowing down as life speeds up.

A stressful situation that has been lingering will clear after the New Moon eclipse in your sign on May 10th.
Move forward with confidence from mid May.

You will find it difficult to deny yourself the finer things in life when Venus gets up close and personal to your Sun.
Sticking to an established routine will minimise disruptive behaviour.

The Moon-Pluto opposition on May 14th is an ideal time to get to the core of an issue that has been bugging you.
Look within for meaningful solutions.

The transiting Sun through your career zone shines the light on your professional status.
Focus on accomplishing projects that will bring recognition.

You’ll be made accountable for what you say when Mercury passes your Midheaven.
Words used constructively will have far-reaching influence.

Ideas will flow thanks to Venus linking comfortably to your Sun.
You’ll have a mental breakthrough around May 10th which releases you from inhibitions.

Those closest to you may suffer from ego conflicts, especially around the New Moon on May 10th.
Work co-operatively on relationship issues this fortnight.

Flattery will get you everywhere under the Jupiter-Venus cycle.
Use your charms wisely to get what you want out of love.

Learn to let go of stubborn, unhealthy thought processes under the New Moon eclipse-South Node link.
Develop positive and productive ways of thinking and watch your world expand.

Establish a comfortable and secure home life while Venus and Mars connect to the Solar Eclipse on May 10th.
Domestic change can satisfy your emotional needs.

The Neptune-Chiron link asks that you be gentle with yourself.
Self-love and self-care are key phrases throughout May.
Seek answers to emotional issues through mysticism.

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