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The Cardinal Grand Cross peaks on April 23rd, push-pulling the Ram in all directions. You’re compelled to take on various projects when you’ll be more productive focusing on a single task.

A certain issue that has remained stagnant will be revitalised when Mercury enters your sign on April 23rd.

You’ll enjoy the social whirl until April 23rd, followed by quiet and reflective moments towards the end of the fortnight. Use the down time to recharge your batteries.

Your domestic situation may fluctuate around April 19th. Venus helps you master the art of diplomacy when dealing with loved ones.

Take advantage of the Sun-Mercury-Venus link on April 21st to assist you in making your mark professionally.

Romance is in the air from April 12th, thanks to dreamy Neptune. The need for an intuitive and sensitive connection with a partner is strong now.

The Full Moon in your sign on April 15th signals transformation. Relationships come under scrutiny and the way others see you changes. Be open to freedom and experimentation this fortnight.

Scorpios are in the midst of a creative surge. Have fun and share your passions with those closest to you.

Issues surrounding money and how it’s distributed amongst family members surface between April 17th and 24th. Engage a skilful mediator to keep it amicable.

The period of April 17th to 24th is a pivotal time for love, thanks to the Pluto-Jupiter connection. Relationships will have a transformative quality.

There’s action around money for many Aquarians near April 12th. Financial ventures initiated now will yield positive returns in the future.

Money matters are brought to your attention on April 15th. Cluey detective work will help you unearth hidden capital.

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