Stars – Friday 24th to Friday 31st March

The New Moon in your sign on Tuesday, 28 March, kick-starts a new cycle. The Universe is offering you a second chance at a missed opportunity, so go for it!

You’re likely to indulge when the Moon enters Taurus on Wednesday, 29 March. Maintain good health by monitoring the quality (and quantity) of cuisine that passes your lips.

The Twins begin a new cycle in networking from Tuesday, 28 March. Turn unbridled anxiety into productive contact with others.

Cancerians looking to improve their professional development have the support of the Universe from Tuesday, 28 March.

This week, delve into activities that stretch your mind and gain a fresh perspective on an old problem.

Savvy Virgos will do well to start a financial or savings plan from Tuesday, 28 March.

Venus’ influence will inspire many Librans to reassess the meaning of art and beauty this week.

Look to a significant other for emotional support with a particular issue on Wednesday, 29 March.

The New Moon sparks creativity, romance, or activities connected to children from Tuesday, 28 March. Make room for festive endeavours.

Capricorns may examine vulnerability issues this week. Explore and develop a sense of inner security.

Clear communication is vital to getting your message across. Apply diplomacy to any speaking engagements you may have.

Your intuition is heightened on Saturday, 25 March, when the Moon enters your sign. Gut feelings about certain people or situations are likely to be accurate.