Inner West Whispers – 254

Anti-semitic prolific – consultancy con – Di Cosmic

• Liberal John Sidoti has been working the bay run, again – a great spot to stand in a suite and stop people who are in absolutely no rush to pass by…at least he wasn’t wearing Skins.

• Liberal Councillor for Marrickville Rosana Tyler has been the target of an anti-semitic hate campaign, on the receiving end of hate mail and graffiti on signs advertising her legal firm. One sign was defaced with images of horns and an image of a scrotum containing a Star of David. Rosana told the Australian Jewish News that she thinks the perpetrator is someone who is familiar with council going-ons. “Every time my sign has been defaced, I notice it on a Wednesday. We have Council meetings on a Tuesday night,” she said.

•Drummoyne No Land Tax candidate (who hasn’t been confirmed as living in the Drummoyne electorate) Pat Di Cosmo, has likely familial connections to five other candidates named Di Cosmo running for the No Land Tax party in the upcoming elections. Due to a lack of information about their candidates, voters have been filling in the information void themselves. Check out the satirical Facebook profile of Benjamin Eorlingas for No Land Tax. Righteous Righty is not behind it, we swear.

• The Daily Telegraph slammed a $100,000 consultancy report on council mergers for obtuse and un-researched findings. It questioned if Marrickville, Leichhardt and Ashfield residents (known for their “high arts activity” and “same-sex couples”) could be represented by the same council as  Burwood and Strathfield residents, (“generally in low-earning occupations – trades, labouring”). A free visit to the ABS website shows the most common industry for Strathfield residents to work in is hospitality, not trades or construction. However, significant differences in living standards between areas of the Inner West do exist. The average weekly income of residents living in Leichhardt LGA ($1086) is double that of a Strathfield resident ($558), and approximately one tenth of the cost of commissioning that dud report.