A Taste of Korea

Restaurateur Voilet Yeo has a close connection to Newtown, a suburb she spent years exploring as a university student. Yeo opened Gami Chicken late last year to bring a new taste of Korea to the inner west.

Yeo’s Newtown restaurant at 165 King Street, is one of the first Gami Chicken restaurants nationwide to roll out the brand’s new grilled chicken menu.

The new items offer a healthier alternative to the regular menu with dishes like the spicy Mad Gochujang Chicken, a blend of spicy and sweet sizzling chicken complemented by rice cakes and Udon noodles, to the richn Honey Butter Garlic Chicken.

“Gami Chicken’s new grilled menu items promise an unforgettable dining experience,” says Yeo. “Each dish is carefully crafted to be lower in kilojoules while still retaining its mouthwatering taste, offering diners a guilt-free indulgence without compromising on flavour or quality.”

Other offerings include the new Chicken Skewer Plate and Farmer’s Chicken Skewers, which allow diners to savour grilled chicken cooked over open flames with three different gourmet sauces: sweet chili, Gochujang, or sweet mustard.

Yeo is also excited by another new addition to the Gami Chicken Newtown experience – a dedicated Soju Bar. Featuring an extensive range of styles, the Soju Bar adds another authentic Korean feature to Newtown.

Soju is a clear and colourless Korean distilled alcoholic beverage that is traditionally made from rice, but also from other grains.

“As with all businesses, it’s the people that make the difference,” said Yeo. “Operating a Gami Chicken restaurant in Newtown isn’t just about serving delicious Korean cuisine; it’s about the people who walk through our doors every day.”

Launched in Melbourne in 2006 by four Monash University mates who wanted to bring their Korean chicken and beer concept to market, Gami Chicken now has 40 casual dining restaurants across Australia.
For more info go to www.gamichicken.com.au

Winsor Dobbin