Andre Jaques on Paddington at the Langham

Andre Jaques is Marketing Director at Langham Hotels Asia Pacific and is well known throughout the hotel sector as an expert on tourism trends. We had a quick chat with him to find out whether staycations post-Covid are still a thing. With a bit marketing nous, not only are staycations here to stay, they are becoming a necessary addition to hotels offering. Here’s what he had to say:

Q: The Langham is an iconic luxury hotel brand. How does the domesticity and cosiness of a bear (and brand) like Paddington fit with the Langham?

 A: Paddington Bear is iconic and a natural fit for our hotel group, we have had a long association with bespoke teddy bears, our guests have had a love affair for Langham teddy bears for many years.

Q: How have families responded to the Paddington promotion – what have been some highlights in the feedback?

A: Extremely well, not just families but guests of all ages have embraced the Paddington partnership.

Q: Has Paddington been “out- Barbied” or has the innocent well-meaning bear come out on top? 

A: The Paddington partnership with Langham Hotels and Resorts goes through until December, 2024, the global partnership has been extremely successful and targets a wider demographic than Barbie, both have proven to be very popular for both Paddington and Barbie.

Q: The details in exquisite inclusions such as Paddington bathrobes and slippers, give the staycation the edge over other local offerings. Whose idea was it to provide these extra touches?

A: The components of the Paddington partnership was arranged via our head office and also includes Paddington take home items that can be purchased from each hotel.

Q: Do you think staycations are here to well, stay? 
Yes, the demand for staycations has remained strong since coming out of the Pandemic, couples and families wish to still have a staycation experience in their own city without travelling afar and are wanting unique experiences, staycations are here to stay.

Q: What other ideas are percolating for upcoming promotions – can you give us a hint? 

A: Stay tuned, a number of concepts are in the pipeline for 2024.