Art by Great Women

As part of the HERE I AM: Art by Great Women festival, Kambri at ANU and aMBUSH Gallery are proud to present two brand new exhibitions showcasing some of our best female creative talent. The parallel exhibitions are being held in Canberra and Waterloo.

aMBUSH Gallery is presenting one of their most exciting exhibitions to date, featuring a dynamic collection of diverse work from over 30 incredible women – all contemporary emerging and established Australian artists.

Coming from multi-disciplinary art practices – including photography, illustration, digital, sculpture, street art, fine art, film and more – this extraordinary lineup of Indigenous and non-Indigenous women includes the likes of Lucy O’Doherty, Amala Groom, Tracey Deep, Jane Gillings, 23rd Key, Minna Leunig, Bohie Paleck, Faith, Jenna Lee, Mafalda Vasconcelos, Bronte Leighton-Dore and Holly Greenwood, to name a few.

Visitors will have the opportunity to purchase works from the gallery exhibition, which will be on display daily from 10am-6pm weekdays and 12pm-5pm on weekends from Friday, 20 November until Sunday, 28 February. Admission is free.

An outdoor public art exhibition will be held along Exhibition Avenue – Kambri’s newest cultural space – featuring 24 diverse contemporary artists from across Australia including Aretha Brown, Gemma O’Brien, Nicole Reed, Nanami Cowdroy, George Rose, Jessica Cochrane, Claire Martin, Claire Foxton, Libby Harward, Kaff-eine and Maddie Gibbs.

Their large-scale works span multi-disciplinary practices including street art, fine art, photography, and illustration, and will be displayed on six exhibition cubes along University Avenue.

Decals placed on the ground in front of each artwork allow viewers an insight into the artist’s motivation, intentions and inspiration.

The exhibition is free of charge and will be on display 24 hours a day until 28 February 2021, powered by solar lights.

This project is proudly presented by Kambri at the Australian National University and curated and produced by aMBUSH Gallery. Visit for more information, and look for aMBUSH Gallery on Facebook and Instagram for exhibition updates.