Bay Bitch: Child of the resolution

Well it’s another year and another resolution! One I feel committed to adhering to so I can survive this mad world. My New Year resolution is to simply do things differently. ‘Things’ being anything I can do differently, I will.

You may be wondering why does she want to change everything? Well, it is quite basic, I’m bored and, as the old adage “A change is as good as a holiday” promises, I hope I will be able to rescue myself from this state of boredom.

When you reach a certain age it is inevitable that repetition becomes more common and the feeling of déjà vu omnipresent. I want to change this and nip it in the bud so the excitement of the unknown and the unexplored comes back to me and I can start all over again. Maybe this is how I can find my new lease on life. I certainly can’t find a new lease in the Inner West area, so this may be it!

I started officially this morning with a bike ride around the Bay. I have always walked it and never experienced sitting high in a seat and taking over a sportster.

This felt grand – at last I could pass someone and experience the pleasure of winning. Admittedly, the hills were harder but overall, to borrow the words of a millennial, it was awesome.

I noticed along the bay that the Canada Bay Council is also changing its ways. Instead of completing a project – the divided foot and bike track before the footbridge on Timbrell Drive – and leaving it at that, they are now erecting massive sandstone monuments almost as big as the project itself (though nothing could be as huge as the footbridge) to inform passers-by of the so-called enhancement to the Bay Run. I guess they presume that if left to judge for themselves the sportsters may think that the metal fence that obscures the view of the Bay is actually an eyesore!

Let’s do things differently, but change our practices where they count, so we can all ride high!