Gigs guide – 298

Friday 27th January
Jack Colwell

Outsider extraordinaire’ Colwell is hitting the social club with a full-band rock show to celebrate his sold-out performance at the Sydney Opera House Studio. Joined by Inner West favourites Elki and Okin Osan, this gig is serious value for money.

Newtown Social Club, $15.00


Saturday 4th February

Celebrating 35 years since their debut album, Sunnyboys are back to play a series of shows exclusively made up of 1981 hits. Let loose and take a trip back to the hi-energy, pop eighties. It has to be better than 2016.

Enmore Theatre, $78.95


Saturday 4th February
Waiting for Guinness

Eighties pop not your thing? How about an act described as Garage Cabaret, Gypsy Punk and Gangsta Jazz – whatever that is. You might not be able to pick a genre, but you will certainly be entertained when the seven-piece band takes the stage.

Camelot Lounge, $22.90