Breakfast dhal

June 10, 2014
After all of my feasting while travelling through the USA, it became abundantly clear that my body needed a break when I simply couldn’t look at another piece of Canadian bacon or plate of creamy […]

Southern Fried Chicken

May 26, 2014
I’m currently on a bit of a culinary exploration of the United States and, as such, am inspired to talk about one of the most important things in life. That’s right, fried chicken. In the […]

Chocolate Custard Pots

May 12, 2014
A lot of people still think a number of things are ‘off limits’ when it comes to healthy eating – chocolate, egg yolks, coconut cream, for example. Well, the things that should really be off […]

Chai spiced carrot cake

April 28, 2014
Not everyone is a chocolate fiend. For those who prefer a little spice in their day, this super simple carrot cake channels the flavours of Indian chai and makes a fantastic afternoon tea addition. Ingredients: […]

Paella in seven steps

April 14, 2014
Paella is one of those dishes that seems so effortless and yet most mere mortals won’t attempt it at home for fear of failure. Miguel Cuevas, Australian-based Spanish chef and caterer extraordinaire, is hosting a […]

Sticky glazed Chinese five spice lamb ribs

March 30, 2014
If ever there was a cut of animal engineered to be best mates with beer, lamb ribs would most certainly have to be it. Sticky, meaty, juicy, they’re finger lickin’ good and super easy to […]

Perfect Pancakes

March 14, 2014
OK, so Shrove Tuesday was last week but in my mind any excuse to eat pancakes is a good one. Sweet, savoury, or that very decadent combination of both (hello bacon and maple syrup!), pancakes […]

Zucchini and walnut bread

March 3, 2014
This week’s recipe comes from Alex Herbert of Bird Cow Fish at Eveleigh Market. Seasonality has always played a crucial role in her cuisine and as zucchinis are abundant right now it makes sense to […]

Healthy cherry muffins

February 16, 2014
This muffin recipe courtesy of Aussie Cherries and Trim’s Fresh is not only low fat, but quick and easy to prepare – in fact we predict you will have mixed, baked and eaten your first […]

Lamb by Colin Fassnidge

February 4, 2014
Australia Day may have just passed, but that doesn’t mean you have to stop eating lamb. Summer days mean that simple food is king and it doesn’t get much simpler than the classic Australian crumbed […]
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