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Chris Zlomanczuk, 25, from Five dock is a multi-talented actor, doorman and businessman with plenty of bright biz ideas for the future.

Chris currently works in security at a five-star reception hall in Pyrmont and has a background working in bars and clubs but he doesn’t always want to be working the doors; inspired by Australian performers like Vince Colosimo, Chris wants to be an actor and has aspirations to head to LA. He enjoys working with ensemble casts and other strong actors to tell great stories through film and theatrics.

For more information or get in touch with Chris email or search Christopher Angelo Zlomanczuk on Facebook.


The panel says…


We may just see a future star on our hands! I like a man with goals!

kisses 3.5




Grace from Do or Dye Salon

Chris seems positive and this shows through his facial features.
An ambitious pro-active guy is a huge turn on!
He loses points on age (a bit young) and I’m not a fan of wide necked T-shirts!

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Love that you are such a go-getter. All the best with your acting career.

kisses 3.5




Ms Red

Don’t forget me when you’re famous!

kisses 5

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