Concord Carnival

Sunday 13th October

concord-Mayor-Angelo-TsirekasMayor’s Message

Concord Carnival is a great annual event that celebrates and unites the local community. We have wonderful support from our local businesses, community groups and the people of Concord every year.

This year will see Majors Bay Road transformed into a ‘Quirky Circus, showcasing a fantastic range of entertainment from our local community, as well as some interesting things to see and do throughout the day.

Along with 80 market stalls to browse through, we’re also introducing a cooking demonstration stage for the first time, called the Concord Kitchen, which will offer a great opportunity for local businesses to showcase their cuisines and talented chefs.

Come and enjoy the fun of Concord Carnival on Sunday, 13th October from 10am to 4pm on Majors Bay Road, Concord. We look forward to seeing you there.

Mayor Angelo Tsirekas



Concord takes flight – Join the Circus on Majors Bay Road!

The annual Concord Carnival is set to be bigger and better than ever with an array of food, information and merchandise stalls, amusement rides, stage and roving entertainment plus loads of activities for the kids on offer!

concord-coverThis year’s new and exciting theme is ‘Quirky Circus,’ with the highlight being the Mermaid Sideshow – a mesmerising piece of original theatre, which tells a beautiful tale of sideshow love, illusion and magic. Our Mermaid star is lonely in her tank when she meets a rather dashing sailor, but realises she cannot love him while she’s confined – legless – to her tank. Forlorn she mourns her love until her sailor proposes a rather nifty solution… Don’t miss this show featuring old style theatrical staging, charm, mermaids, aerials, sailors and circus stunts! Show times will be at 11.30am, 12.30pm and 1.30pm, at the corner of Majors Bay Road and Wellbank Street.

There will also be roving entertainers such as Goliath the Elephant as well as Alphonso and his giant poodle, Fifi, mingling with the crowds to teleport people into the wacky world of the circus.

Other highlights on the day will include:

  • A mini circus playground where kids of all ages can learn the art of circus performance in a playground equipped with loads of juggling toys, stilts, unicycles, spinning and balancing things.
  • Performances from the talented local Concord High School Band and Belinda’s Art of Dance School.
  • Kitchen demonstrations with celebrity cook Alice Zaslavsky and local chefs.
  • Children’s games and free amusement rides in the Brewer Street car park.

With amusement rides and a petting zoo for the children, plus Concord’s fantastic cafes and restaurants serving up tasty treats and 80 stalls lining Majors Bay Road, there is sure to be something for everyone at Concord Carnival 2013.

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Return of the Eco-Hub

The Eco-Hub will be back at Concord Carnival this year! There will be heaps of information about sustainable living and green local projects, giveaways and plenty of chances to win prizes. The Eco-Hub reminds us all of the importance of minimising our environmental impact when attending and organising community events.

The Concord Carnival is a truly sustainable community celebration.

Here’s why:

  • It’s plastic bag and polystyrene free. You can help the cause by bringing your own reusable bag for purchases and minimising waste during the event.
  • There’s free bike parking. Consider cycling, walking, carpooling or getting the bus to the festival. Every trip counts!
  • There’s a water station. Bring your own reusable water bottle along and you’ll be able to refill it for free throughout the day.
  • Green fuel (biodiesel generators) will be used to power stages on the day.
  • It’s a carbon neutral event. Canada Bay Council will offset the remaining carbon footprint associated with Concord Carnival via Climate Friendly.
Go green and win!

If you bring a reusable bag or cycle to the festival, you could go into a draw to win a prize! All you need to do is show your bike helmet or your own reusable bag at Council’s Eco-hub stall located at the corner of Majors Bay Road and Ramsay Road.

Cyclists will have a chance to win a $100 voucher for a local bike shop. While people who bring along their own reusable bag could win a basket with $100 worth of fantastic reusable goodies!




Concord Kitchen

The sights and smells of spectacular local cuisine are on the menu for Concord Carnival 2013 in the all new Concord Kitchen!

Concord Kitchen will showcase leading local chefs and food connoisseurs from Majors Bay Road as they exhibit their cooking skills and fresh produce. Watch them cook up a storm on stage, learn about food and see how versatile classic ingredients can be used.

The Kitchen stage will also host celebrity cook, Alice Zaslavsky from Channel Nine’s children’s program ‘Kitchen Whiz,’ as she dishes up culinary delights for the Love Food Hate Waste project. Alice will demonstrate how to make dishes from avoidable food waste while showing you how to save money!

For more about the Love Food Hate Waste project visit:, or for more information about Alice, check out:



Local Entertainment

This year’s Concord Carnival will showcase the amazing talent we have in our area, with local entertainers taking to the stage to showcase singing and dancing of all types.

The morning will open with the always entertaining Concord High School Band and the entertainment will continue throughout the day with a Martial Arts demonstration and performances from dancers from Belinda’s Art of Dance and our ever popular DJ. Have some fun watching the Inspire! belly dancers in their exciting and colourful performance and enjoy Dancing Hearts Studio as they present their wide repertoire of dance. Domremy School Band will end a perfect day of entertainment on the main stage.




On the Main Stage:

10am Concord High School Band

10.30am  DJ

10.50am  Inner Dance Studios

11.15am  Inspire! Bellydance & Zumba Fitness

11.30am  Dancing Hearts Studio

11.45am  Belinda’s Art of Dance

12.15pm Mayor and VIP speeches

12.30pm Inner West Physie & Dance

12.45pm  Katheryn Zerk

1pm  WhereEverItTakesYou

1.20pm  Ceroc & Modern Jive Dance Company

1.50pm  Inner West Physie & Dance

2pm Perosh Martial Arts Demonstration

2.25pm DJ

3.10pm  Domremy School Band

3.30pm  DJ

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